hippy town!

 from Arch

San marcos sierras is the Glastonbury of Argentina. There is a kind of spiritual vibe here but it is kind of fun in the river next to the town. In Bounos aires it was boring and riany but when we went out of the city, it was wonderful. It was sunny I got Mc Donalds and we went on a boat down the delta. When we got back we went to the zoo B) In Rosario we also went on some pedalos and got some amazing shots of palm trees. Obviously my favorite thing was the pedalos but Mum hated it because I was steering! My least favorite thing was when Mum was steering!

from Becky

So…Buenos Aries was not boring for me but pretty challenging trying to communicate in Spanish (I had none and  not much more today), avoid being mown down by the insane drivers and dodging dog poo (mundane I know, but a major obstacle).  The contrast between rich and poor was huge and the extent of the poverty (and the shadow it casts) was a suprise to me.  We were staying in San Telmo which is pretty central and working class, lots of dilapidated colonial buildings and grafiti and a great Sunday market.  Sadly we missed the tango due to early bedtimes, but Muppets 2 in Spanish was a revelation (in my defence it was raining… a lot…).  We also visited the zoo and nearby Tigre where we cruised up the Parana delta on a beautiful sunny day. The museum of modern art was really fabulous for both Archie and I with an entrancing exhibition of miniature worlds and a huge pop art section .

Next stop Rosario, a much quieter city with a huge river and a ‘beach’ where we played for a whole day with a local family.  We stayed in the very quirky and shabby ‘Art Hostel’ where Archie was unamused at having to share a dorm, but every wall was plastered with artwork and the staff were very sweet.  Also the pedalos…a highlight for Archie.  From there we were eager to escape the city, so we headed to Cordoba and north to the Cordoban Sierras.  Firstly Carlos Paz, a pretty but touristy town amid lakes and mountains.  Now we are firmly settled in San Marcos Sierras for a few days r & r.  Having been keen to escape aspects of Glastonbury, I am infinitely relieved to find myself in a ‘hippie’ (sic) town where we can paddle in the river among idyllic mountains with nothing more than the odd gaucho…or quad bike…to contend with.  There are ‘millions’ of stray dogs (according to Archie) who are incredibly well mannered, children for Archie to play with, healthy food and a very laid back vibe.

Archie has taken all this in his stride.  I found BA pretty tough and intense, but becoming more relaxed by the day and eternally grateful for the patience of Argentinians with my bumbling Spanish (and for being rescued numerous times on public transport).  The food has been ‘interesting’, dominated by sugar/bread/meat/cheese/fried food which is way too much ballast for me but we manage!!  And the absolute luxury of no (house)work and being able to enjoy my time with Archie is bliss…. Ciao for now xx

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7 thoughts on “hippy town!

  1. michaelmoustafi

    Hi Arch & Becky
    Great to read about your adventures in Argentina thus far. Loved seeing the photos too (there are some great ones in there) wishing you the best of luck with your journey, Where are you going next? I guess you will be making your way to peru. i must confess I am a little jealous especially after seeing that documentry about the sky and stars. it would be a dream for me to do my own timelapse of the night sky in the moutains. Looking forward to reading more… lots of love Michael xx

    1. beckyandarchie Post author

      Hi Mike
      Thanks for that, I had not realised about the joining thing, a bit of a pain! But I am posting links to the blog on FB so that peope can follow without joining. We cross to CHile on Monday so lots of big skies, meanwhile enjoying the Andes, so beautiful, first mind blowing experience of the trip!
      Hope all well, lots of love Becky xx

  2. Louise

    Hi Becky & archie
    I love the photos…it brings your adventures to life! So pleased to hear you’re having a holiday…& no work, does sound blissful! Look forward to reading the next installation.
    Love to you both,
    Louise x


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