wild west

Imagen 143  Imagen 005 Imagen 039 Imagen 043 Imagen 055 Imagen 065 Imagen 068 Imagen 075 Imagen 079 Imagen 086 Imagen 094 Imagen 105 Imagen 108 Imagen 112 Imagen 126 Imagen 134 Imagen 136The horse riding was amazing on one side there were snowy mountians on one side and on the other side was the Mendoza river. Also the villige was astonishing but in our 1st hostel there were FLIPPIN bed bugs!!! So in one in the morning we moved hostels.

In mendoza there was a hostel with a PS3 happy me on the next day we went to some hot springs. we stayed inside all day but in the last ten minutes  we found out there was a outside to it and it was really anoying. But I did love it.


ooh, so hard to resist the temptation to comment on Archie´s post…

After restorative San Marcos we had an unexpected afternoon in Cordoba between buses to  Mendoza, with sight-seeing, pigeon feeding and a chick flick (suprisingly satisfying!).  Then our first overnight coach for the 12 hour journey to Mendoza nestled in the pre Andes.  A fabulous hostel there with a few backpackers for me to connect with, it´s pretty quiet off season but as a result lots of peaceful accommodation.  We went to the most incredible hotsprings with early snow dropping into the hot water, followed by a sunny afternoon when we discovered the outside pools (See pics). 

The Andes have really triggered that feeling of awe and wanderlust which has been a bit lacking for me in Argentina.  It is breathtakingly beautiful up  here, with the first snowfall of the season and cloudless skies.  We are now in Uspallata, a tiny town near to the Chilean border.  Last week the border was closed due to snow and I was concerned that we would not be able to cross to Santiago.  However, we have a ticket booked for tomorrow and it looks promising. 

Bar the bed bug/flea incident (re pack bags and relocate at 1 am!) it has been wonderful here, the horseriding was in a valley between the pre Andes and Andes proper and was truly magical.  Today (25th May) is Indepenence Day here, so we have just witnessed a huge parade with the military, gauchos and various schools and groups marching through this sleepy town following a big nationalist speech and a mass rendition of presumably the national anthem.  The most tiny children literally strapped onto horses and bobbing precariously along…photos next time! 

It is bitterly cold, I went to bed in ten items of clothing and finally woke up warm.  Hopefully it will be warmer in Santiago and then we head north so hopefully getting warmer although the desert and mountains will be chilly at night wherever we are.

My Spanish is coming on, sometimes I have whole conversations involving mime and blind faith, and even Archie is picking up a few words.

Love to all our friends in blighty xxxx


4 thoughts on “wild west

  1. lisa

    Sounds like you having lots of fun guys!love the photos.i thought of you this weekend has just done Fiona Shaw,red thread path in Stroud,amazing time.south America felt close to my heart.journey well lovely.lisa.xxxx

  2. Steven Taylor

    Good for you Becky. Take care. Love to you both. Enjoying the photos etc. Must look at a map !!

  3. Claire Matthews

    Hi Becky and Arch, lovely to read all your news!! Looks like you are having a fantastic adventure 🙂 Keep well and safe. Lots of love Claire, Maddy and Gus xxx

  4. tonymc

    Hubo amigos
    Archie glad you’re mostly having a good time, you seemed a bit cold and not too happy in the snow though. Yes! FLIPPIN bed bugs they are the worst sort hope you don’t meet any more. Go well!
    Becks good to hear you’ve had some awe factor, and just the one shock. The Wendy double sounds interesting did you take a pic? Hope you don’t bump into my double!
    Wendy sends lots of love.
    Mucho amor from me xx


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