Archie´s Heaven

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Archie`s blog:

First the cars all # muscle but little style my eyes wide open because thay were SO OP/OVER POWERED!!! All  Mustang Dodges and Chevrolet all the cool/amazing/awsome cars that I would have for RAMMING people that are really slow. After that we went to see some astonishing grafitti which therewas 1000,000s of on each street. On one the srteets there was a guy doing some and he kindly let me do some.  A few days after that we met 2 sufers and went to the beach with them thay caughtsome amazing waves then I desided to go in which I regret now because I fell in): So me and mum built a castle.

Arch 🙂

Becky’ s blog:

We have crossed over the Andes… into Chile… and we are loving it here.  The people are super friendly and we have had lots of lovely experiences.  Santiago was a real pleasure, much more easy going than Buenos Aries, we stayed right in the centre (Providencia) with some friends from a hostel in Mendoza and found the city really leafy, safe and easy to negotiate.   The mountains are just behind the city, and we found some great parks and museums, another travelling family from France (a rarity) and some fab grafitti.  Arhie was thrilled to be invited to contribute to some street art.   We also stayed with our friend Felipe’s sisters for a couple of nights, which was very sweet and a real treat although Ana and her boyfriend were unwell.

From Santiago to Valparaiso for the famous ascenors (mini funiculars) which take you up into the steep hills behind the city centre.  The brightly coloured houses and amazing grafitti/murals cling precipitously to the hillsides with vibrant markets and the port on the plain below.  We encountered the Pacific for the first time, Archie took the plunge but it was too chilly even for him.  In the harbour we met a sea lion on our boat ride, and suspect that he was getting commission in fish!  Archie is really in his stride now, there has been so much in Chile to amuse him and he loves the overtly warm locals (and  he has a little Spanish too!).  He is also becoming much more social and chatting to other backpackers, a little person in his own right with his own stories, jokes and opinions.  I feel very proud.

We are now in La Serena, enjoying the beach in ‘winter’ much to the amazement of our landlady who thinks that the weather is ‘mucho frio’.  We will visit the Elqui Valley inland while we are here for a bit of pristine nature and star gazing before a big leap (16  hours) to San Pedro de Atacama for the salt flats and natural wonders.  From there probably into Bolivia.  The general idea is to choose our desinations carefully then spend up to a week in a particular area.  We are on a bit of a schedule now as we have just booked flights from Lima to the Caribbean coast of Columbia for our last week.  We both need heat, warm water and palm trees to rejuvenate before we come home.  Even our warmer destinations will be cold at night due to altitude, so we will have the proper ‘holiday’ in Archie’s words.

It is lovely to hear your comments and messages.  Apologies if I do not reply to each one as I am reliant on internet cafes, but keep them coming!

Hasta luego

Becky xxx


9 thoughts on “Archie´s Heaven

  1. Ivan Hatvany

    Am much enjoying the blog Becky. My mum was born in Chile – good luck with all the rest of the trip, Ivan x

    1. beckyandarchie Post author

      Hi Ivan, how are things with you? Is you Mum Chilean or just born here? The people are so warm, we are having a great time. Now in the Atacama, extraordinary and the hype is well deserved…more in the next blog! See you in August xxx

  2. Louise

    Hi Becky, So lovely to hear about all you adventures & good to hear you’re both safe, well & enjoying the journey. keep thos posts coming. Louise x

  3. Adele Stanton-Drake

    Aah, lovely to read these. Yes, Santiago is great isn’t it, and Valparaiso is quite magical, all those cable cars up the hills n coloured houses. We never got to talk about Chile in the end did we, that was where I did my week of travelling, up the coast, lots of Pelicans and an amazing place called Horcon where horses pulled the fishing boats out in to the sea and the women gutted the catch on the beach. A classy beach further up the coast with a scramble along the coast over rocks place where penguins can be seen on a nearby island and I saw an otter. Enjoy, dear girl, very special time for you both. I’ve decided to use my WOMAD funds for a short trip to Portugal with Ilana, booked it today!

    1. beckyandarchie Post author

      Hi lovely! We missed the wildlife on the Pacific coast, our tour to see the dolphins etc got cancelled a few days running due to the weather but we had a great time in La Serena (north of Valparaiso on the coast) and in the Elqui valley inland. After a very overnight long coach (after which I generally become poisonous due to lack of sleep) we are now in San Pedro de Atacama, extraordinary in every way, a backpackers´ mecca but deservedly so. So many natural wonders, I will talk about them in the blog! Archie is missing his dad but we have just managed to Skpe for the first time so that may help. Sorry will miss you at WOMAD but Portugal sounds entirely lush. Love to you both xxxx

  4. Julia nussbaum

    Hey lovelies!!! Sounds amazing. You are so brave. Felipe is now in Columbia… Santa Marta and it’s scorching hot all day and night! We are good. Imagining a years travel and adventure and feeling positive. Love reading your blog. Loadsa love Julia xx

    1. beckyandarchie Post author

      Hi Julia, I think it is a must, it will be such a bonding experience for you all and you can settle Tashi in a school when you get back. I have pretty much ditched the maths text book and our ´literacy´is limited to the blog, but Archie is learning so much about history, natural history and culture but most of all his social skills are really developing! Glad that you are feeling good, is it summery yet? My parents have just read the foreign office blurb on Columbia and sent me a dire e mail, they want me to cancel…I have heard nothing but positive and will be flying straight to Santa Marta and back again so minimal risk. Will have to get some tips from Felipe about where to stay, fancy him being there! Love to you and the Tash man xxxx

  5. Rich P

    Hi there both of you, sounding good, its great when you start hooking up with people who can help you to see parts you might otherwise miss. Sounds like Archie is getting stuck into the local culture-muscle cars and graffiti-how very Frome!

    All the best


    1. beckyandarchie Post author

      Hi Rich
      Hope all is well at your end? We are now in Cusco, well acclimatised to the alititude after two weeks! Still having fun, though a bit niggly with each other, 24/7 for seven weeks is pretty intense. We both had a massage today which has helped us relax. Plan is Macchu Picchu but mainly based here in Cusco chilling out until Lima for our week on the beach in Columbia, looking forward to catching some rays and waves!
      Becky x


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