HIPPY TOWN#2 San Pedro de Atacama


More tourists there than ever and it was the start of the winter they said in the summer is  completely stuffed that time there are no hostels or hotels that are not stuffed full there would be people sleeping on sofas. But people that live there live on the tourists with tours cheep hostels, hotels & their amazing weather. Also we were able to do some sand boarding which is a little bit easy  but you can check out what we did on http://www.youtube.com/sandbord sanpedro and click on the top one it should be a Chanel  then find 12 06 2014PM    you will find the only ones of becky are her falling and one  of me doing 180 degree turn then going so stylishly fast then flipped also awesomely my hair still in absolutely perfect condition.


We have had an incredible couple of weeks.  San Pedro de Atacama was fabulous, in spite of the backpacker bottleneck which, as Archie says, must intensify in high season.  San Pedro is a tiny oasis in the vast Atacama – the highest desert in the world.  There are endless day trips, we went sand boarding twice as this was a clear winner with Archie and lots of fun.  We also visited some laguna, both dead sea salty and freshwater as well as the ubiquitous sunset viewing with Pisco, the local hooch.  We also managed an 18km bike ride with Archie on a tag along, building up our fitness at altitude!  The landscape around San Pedro is extraordinary, with salt flats, volcanos, incredible rock formations and lagunas.  But nothing prepared us for our 3 day 4×4 trips across to Bolivia via the Salar de Uyuni – the largest salt flat in the world.  In spite of the altitude (a head splitting 5000 m+), the bitter cold, cracked lips, battery acid snot, the intense sun and the freezing accommodation it was truly marvelous and unforgettable, endless skies, vast plains, dozens of volcanoes, flamingos and other wildlife, sunrise and sunset over laguna and salt flats.  We had a lovely group of six and our driver Rolando, with four of us still travelling together!

From our end point in Uyuni Archie and I flew to La Paz, so welcome after the endless hours in a jeep, and have found a great comfortable hostel.  We are enjoying fruit smoothies and healthy food and the bustle of a city which feels much more like India than Europe.  Endless cholitas (native Indian women with their trademark bowler type hats) selling all manner of wares on the street, tangles of electricity lines, honking of horns and traffic fumes.  La Paz is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains at 3,200 m.  We are hanging out for a few days, taking day trips and catching up with ourselves.  Today is an ´Archie day´, he gets to choose…so cinema, pizza, hot dogs and possibly the climbing centre to do some bouldering which we have dipped into in Bristol.  Tomorrow some museums including the textiles museum for me as weaving is a huge part of the indigenous culture and particularly beautiful here in Bolivia.

From here to Copacobana on the shore of Lake Titicaca.  We will visit Isla del Sol in the Lake and from there into Peru for Cusco and hopefully Machu Picchu before heading down to Lima.

We are staying  safe and well and excited by our adventures.  We inevitably getting on each others´nerves at times, especially when sleep deprived, but are generally having a great time.  Now we are on the ´gringo trail´ there are lots of people for both of us to relate to, but we have not met other families travelling which is interesting.

Love to all our friends and family at home

Becky xxx



2 thoughts on “HIPPY TOWN#2 San Pedro de Atacama

  1. Karen

    Hi Becky & Archie, Wow! What a trip..and how fantastic to do all this together. Love to you both. Karen, Roger, Evie&Tom x


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