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Well, you will be sorry to hear that Archie is too tired to blog today as he has spent the day cavorting in the Caribbean near Santa Marta in Colombia.  We are finally ‘on holiday’ in his words and he has perked up after a couple of weeks of being quite homesick.  It is blazing hot here, tomorrow we go to Tayrona National Park with pristine beaches backed by rainforest, a real tropical paradise.  We missed our flight here as our connection in Bogota coincided with the homecoming of the national football team so complete gridlock!  We had spent the night with a lovely local family whose daughter was on our flight from Lima to Bogota so all in all a sweet experience!834

We had a brief day at Lake Titicaca, touring a couple of islands, a little contrived but a glimpse into local culture.  The lake is spectacularly beautiful and remarkable and the home cooked trout delicious.


Cusco was our base for nearly a week, lapping up the architecture, fine food and handicrafts.  We were in the city for Inti Raymi, the sun festival, really vibrant and moving.  Archie had his first (and second) massage, we spent a day with a lovely Peruvian family who we met on their holidays in the Sacred Valley and of coure…Macchu Picchu.  I was skeptical as I feared a big anti-climax and bigger crowds but it is a truly magical place…not only the structures but the sheer majesty of the setting.  We took the train (the alternative is trekking in) which was wonderful.


641From Cusco to Ica on the coast via endless switchbacks over the course of a night.  Archie was violently ill in my lap so an unpleasant journey all round.  Near Ica we stayed in Huacachina, another Archie paradise with crepes, pool, sunshine, dune buggying and sand boarding.  The dunes were just incredible, and we also visited the national park of Paracas where it NEVER rains.  Sadly we could not visit the sea lion colonies by boat but the coastline and bird life were dramatic, our second glimpse of flamingos – which apparently inspired the red and white Peruvian flag.


In Lima we met our friends Karla, Daniel and Matthieu who live in the city.  We had met them at Macchu Picchu, and they took us for a day at the zoo.  We hope to see them again before flying home, as well as the family we met in the Sacred Valley.  The Peruvian people are really hospitable and we loved out time there, so much more to explore next time…

We will try to do one more post after our Colombia adventure. Excuse any typos, I am rattling this one off at speed….

Back in blighty on 16th, missing our friends and family and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Becky and Archie xxx

3 thoughts on “groovian peruvian

  1. Lisa Newing

    How wonderful it is to read of your adventures, the people, places and experiences you are both having! Thank you for the lush wordscapes and pictures! Love to you both, safe travels and enjoy 🙂 lisa xxx

  2. Emma

    Lovely to hear all about your travels, Becky…. and a bit of nostalgia for me! So glad you’re having such an amazing time! xx Emma


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