Vaccation Finally!!!

Archie: blog (dictated to Becky)

In Tayrona in Colombia we got to stay in really posh hammocks with mosquito nets and all that..the fish was amazing at the restaurant and so was the beef and chips and the ham and cheese toasties!

The white beaches had palm trees hanging over, and coconuts everywhere…not drinking them but we liked eating them. Lovely blue wavy see-through seas!  Lots of women in bikinis…a good thing…

I had a luxury horseride on the way there and mum arrives there half an hour later than me…I am just looking at ice creams on the menu.  on the way back she decides that walking is hot sweaty and horrible so unforunately I was looking at her horse`s butt the whole time.

In the jungle we saw the biggest rodents we had probably ever seen, approximately the size of a giant guinea pig (cuy in Spanish) with long legs.  Lizards, gekkos everywhere, mosquitos…

In Lima we are staying at a very posh hotel, five stars, very expensive, not exactly cheap but a treat at the end.  It has a swimming pool, gym and internet centre we are using right now…it is amazing here.  Unfortunately we had to check out at twelve!

Cannot wait to see everyone, coming back to South America soon hopefully.  Peru and Colombia were my favorite countries because there area loads of things we did not explore, just the beachs and Macchu Picchu.

Good bye everyone!

{photos to follow….}


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