Footnote and photos

Here are some photos of our stay in Colombia.  It was searingly hot and muggy so we spent most of our time in the sea or in our air conditioned room in Santa Marta.  Really stunningly beautiful in Tayrona national park (where we slept in hammocks within earshot of the surf) and a vibrant slightly edgy culture in Santa Marta city.  We had quite a challenging time in Colombia: dealing with the climate/insects, I managed to get a cold and Archie had severe diarrhoea on the night we were supposed to fly to Lima.  Cue a whole day trying to sort out new flights and me a hysterical exhausted red faced gringa (not a pretty sight) after 4 hours in an airline office/clinic and 4 hours on the phone.  We could have just bought fresh flights at top dollar and then claimed insurance, but I decided to dig my heels in and it worked…eventually…

To end our holiday on a positive note, I booked one night in a five star hotel in Lima.  Archie now thinks that this is definitely the way forward and he took himself off to breakfast alone in his fluffy white bathrobe and slippers ‘looking like Noel Coward’ in my dad’s words.  We could not meet up with our Peruvian friends from Lima as we had to turn tail and get back to the airport, but will stay in touch and hope to get back to explore more of Peru and Colombia.  I was mightily relieved to bring my boy home safe and sound and am now being looked after by my parents (I too have the dreaded tummy troubles).  Archie is enjoying time with his dad and recovering, though he is still on a South American schedule!

Thanks for reading our blog and commenting, it has been lovely way to stay in touch.  Catch up soon, Becky xx





1 thought on “Footnote and photos

  1. Antonio

    Ese Archie se ve locazo,,con todo y los problemas estomacales, pero la masaron muy bien bendiciones y cuidate Becky. abrazos a la distancia


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